SSK Aluminum M.2 USB Hard Drive Enclosure

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Installation Instructions


1. Requires 1 screws to assemble the enclosure.  Insert the SSD to house casing, if your SSD size is 22*80mm, please press down the plastic lock catch A and B, so they will not push up and bend the SSD.  With the other hand, gently press the plastic lock catch C back to fully insert your SSD.

2.  The enclosure supports SATA-based B Key (B+M Key) SSD only. It does NOT support PCI-E based M key and M+B key SSD; If you need NVME PCIE based SSD Enclosure, please purchase another model HE-C325.

3. After installed, when the first time to use the new SSD, it may not be found, please partition and format it first under disk management, then it can be used normally. If want to work on both Mac and Windows OS, please format it to EXFAT.